Does your SOHO need a corporate phone solution without the price? Please let us know, we can help! Hosting
If you want an enterprise hosting service for your website, contact us! We can provide enterprise level features and uptime for your SOHO site without the enterprise costs! Digital Photography
Corporate Photography Services. If you would like a special event or specific picture you would like to have professionally photographed without excessive and inflexible costs, please contact us for information!

How we got started...

circa 1998. Bayshore Networks was formed from a group of enterprise IT engineers who wanted to have enterprise class applications and infrastructure like servers, broadband, monitoring tools, et al, for our personal systems and immediate friends and family businesses. This was quickly recognized by their friends and family business and demand started to grow.

We provide enterprise class services to the Small Home Small Office (SOHO) users. This means providing applications, infrastructure, hosting, and support systems to the small business and individuals normally found exclusively in larger corporations.

What we do...

  • Virtualization. We have extensive background on design and utilization of virtual systems architecture. From custom virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) systems to global virtual hosting system, we have the expertise.
  • Voice over IP (VOIP). We provide corporate phone system features, phones, and services to individual desktops and mobiles
  • Application Systems Engineering
  • Home Automation
  • Custom Audio and Visual systems
  • Web Hosting
  • Custom Web Application
  • Photography Services

Nov 2022 : Bayshore Netorks is building a new site! Please come back to see all the new features soon!

We are building a better site! Please pardon our dust.

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